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Month: April 2020

Power up Purple Prizes

Power up Purple Prizes

ChinaPowerMetal has teamed up with the chaps at Purple Prizes to assist them in sourcing cars in Asia for transport across to the UK. They hope that they can strike up a long lasting business relationship to bring more cars into the UK for their car competition website

To differentiate themselves in the market, they will source Japanese cars that having growing popularity in the US and UK in what is referred to as the JDM (Japanese domestic market) scene. Fuelled by various movies such as the Fast and Furious franchise and many others.

As the months go on we plan to have a steady flow of cars being transported into the UK exclusively for Purple Prizes. Not only is it a fantastic idea, it also allows for consumers to have access to these vehicles whereas before it would like never happen and be cost prohibitive.

Stay tuned and keep up to date on their socials – Facebook, Instagram and so on. Have you seen them online? The photography skills are epic and they are all produced by the talented David Dean from David Dean Photography.